Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two of my Handmade Upcycled Tea Towel Aprons feature in a book - Art Without Waste

Well, this week I'm super excited!!!!
Two of my Handmade Upcycled Tea Towel Aprons feature in a book - 'Art Without Waste'.

Many months ago I was contacted about two of my aprons. Patty Wongpakdee had seen these: either via a Google search or possibly in one of my online stores.
Patty asked if I could supply 'high res' images of the two aprons as she was collecting images for a book she was working on.
This week I got the news that both aprons appear in this printed book! I'm so delighted.

"Art Without Waste features 500 upcycled and Earth-friendly designs from cutting-edge designers, illustrators and artists around the world. With a broad scope of alternative uses for discarded items, such as bottle caps, gas cans, and skateboards, the designs featured in this book also explore new uses for sustainable resources such as wood, straw, and paper. This is a gorgeous and inspiring collection of works from artists whose approach often incorporates eco-friendly principles such as upcycling, with sustainability as a central goal.
Find inspiration from an array of non-traditional artists and designers. Some have invented new techniques, while others have harnessed a creative passion into manipulated materials, resulting in dynamic forms that encourage audiences to perceive discarded items in an entirely new light. So don't just throw away that bottle or plastic cap- recycle it into your own exciting art projects."

 Art Without Waste is available now from QBookShop
and Amazon from the 1st of October 2014

My aprons can be purchased from my online stores: Madeit and Etsy

Metro Retro Aprons are all OOAK - that is, One Of A Kind.
Each one is never to be repeated, never to be exactly the same as another.
If you like something you see, purchase it NOW - All of these aprons are handcrafted originals and unique!
The ideal handmade gift for someone special or for spoiling yourself.

Metro Retro Aprons....
Fun & Funky Designs - Expect the unexpected!
Vintage, Retro Design with Modern & Practical Use.
Unique, One Of A Kind - just like you!
One Size Fits Most.

I love to upcycle and give a new life to something that had an intended previous use.
Some of my  tea towels are brand new but many are retro vintage - that is 20-40 years old!
They are in excellent condition as they have never been used for their original purpose.
I try to source my tea towels from all around the world, Australia, United Kingdom
& the USA, to just name a few.



About the Author

"Patty K. Wongpakdee is a graphic artist based in New York. She is an Assoc. Professor of Graphic Design at New York Institute of Technology. Prior to teaching, Patty was a Senior Designer/Art Director for Ernst & Young. In that capacity, she designed the artistic components for business proposals, brochures, and invitations for corporate functions. She has given lectures about graphic design in Bangkok, Thailand, and has presented at academic and professional design conferences in the United States and Europe. Her work has been featured in various print and online publications.In addition to teaching, Patty is committed to her own artwork. She merges her graphic design sensibilities with traditional paint-like qualities. To further this concept, she sometimes prints her digital images directly on to canvas and in some cases applies paint directly on the printed canvas.Patty received her M.F.A. in Computer Graphics at Pratt Institute and her B.F.A. at The School of Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bespoke magazine Issue 14, Spring Must Haves - Editor's Favs includes my vintage floral bunting!

The latest issue of Bespoke Magazine Issue 14, is out now!
I'm loving it because it is the Spring Issue - Adornment & Embellishment. So many 'pretties' in this latest print issue.
Spring is most certainly my favourite time of year.
I love the sun, the burst of blooms, a great time of the year to get out with friends & family.

My Vintage Spring Floral Bunting is on the Editor's Fav's page!
This print issue is (as quoted) "Filled with beautiful and informative articles this magazine is sure to make you feel and see the freshness as Spring erupts and the trees and flowers bloom with their sweet fragrance and colourful flowers."

Vintage Retro Pink / Green / Purple Floral & Doily Lace, Floral Flag Bunting.

Ideal for a Party, Birthday Present, hosting a Baby Shower, Photography Prop, Market Stall or just Decorating a room.Would look very pretty at your next Garden Tea Party / BBQ!

Celebrate in Style!
Bunting makes a pretty decoration at a Wedding, Engagement, Christening,
Garden Tea Party, High Tea, Anniversary or any other special occasion.
Eco friendly, can use over & over.

Please visit my online stores:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vintage, Retro handmade Holly Hobbie & Friends girl's bedroom Flag Bunting decoration - A new design available

I remember being in love with Holly Hobbie as a young girl back in the late 1970's.
I wish my parents had of bought me Holly Hobbie bed linen, a tin suitcase with matching flask and HH swap cards.
I never got them, however I did get a few cast iron HH miniature items as a treat.
No wonder I'm slightly obsessed with Hollie Hobbie!

A number of weeks ago I completed a new Holly Hobbie  Bunting design. I've called it 'Holly Hobbie Flag & Friends'.
Total length is 3.3 meters / 330 centimeters / about 11 feet approx.
Eleven (11) flags in various fabrics.
There are two Holly Hobbie Flags. Three cute vintage 'friends' flags & two vintage turquoise Broderie Anglaise flags and four vintage floral flags!
This set of flags are made / upcycled from original preloved/used, vintage fabrics.
The bunting flags are larger than my usual bunting flag size.

Single sided - can be viewed from front only. Holly Hobbie & Friends fabrics are only on one side.
There are no unfinished edges on these flags.

I have a few HH girl's kitchen aprons available too!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Folk Art Symbols Handmade Apron in Tickle the Imagination Magazine

I'm 'pleased as punch' to have my handmade Tea Towel Apron featured in the 'What's Cooking' section of Tickle the Imagination Magazine.
Folk Art Symbols (of the Pennsylvania Dutch) Apron is a One Of A Kind Apron - OOAK.
Made from a linen Tea Towel purchased online from the USA.

The new Winter Edition is out on the 3rd of July in selected newsagents & shops around Australia & available online (hard copy or full online version).
The theme is 'Eclectic Folk'.
I'm loving this edition, I'm enjoying the variety of items, the bold colours - it brightens up my winter, & the sense of fun! I guess it reflects well on the style of aprons and bunting I make.

So what is in this issue?
well, my apron of coarse!
page 33 see here


inside issue 16 | eclectic folk...
feature stories * eclectic folk * channelling frida * natural remedies
* close to nature * favourite things

chocolate fudge brownies * vintage tea towel pillow
* hand embroidered drawstring bag * free motion hoop art

meet the maker

measure twice - lewisdean carpentry * 5 minutes with the woodsfolk
meet anna scott * soul cleansing - cleanse with benefits

what's cooking? * alisha visits blackbird corner
regular features
editors letter * tickle team * contributors * gallery wall * creative escapes
on our bookshelf * this issue was made possible thanks to...
designer & maker directory * explore - creative calendar
creative marketplace * business toolkit - get more productive 

 You can find Tickle the Imagination Magazine on Facebook here

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm a Picks Editor on the Madeit website this week!

I love being picks editor on the Madeit website!
Every week, three Madeit Sellers get the opportunity to pick handmade items from the Madeit website.
My picks are not themed, I just wanted to pick some truly awesome items from creative & talented sellers!

Here are the links to these seller's stores:
Toadstool Dollhouse

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Upcycled handmade 'Tea Towel' Aprons in 'Upcycle' Showcase. Also..... The difference between Upcycling & Recycling

Upcycle Showcase starts tonight at 8.00pm.
It's a collection of Upcycled Handmade items made by a collaborative of sellers to showcase their
creative talents on Facebook.
All items are available for purchase (while the showcase is open).

I have entered two of my 'Tea Towel' Aprons.
As you have guessed, made from tea towels & vintage retro bed sheets!

Please head over to
'Sew you say - The Heart of Handmade' to have a look.

Click here for link to showcase.

The difference between Upcycling & Recycling:
Upcycling is: “The process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.”
Recycling is: taking old materials and making them back into their original form.
Re-cycling is redoing the cycle; in other words, reprocessing paper so it can be printed once again.
Up-cycling, is removing something from that process, eg  This includes taking an old tire and making it into a swing, old vintage plates into a cake stand or a bed sheet made into a dress.
Upcycling gives an item a better purpose.
eg. To use vintage fabric straight off the bolt, is not upcycling but fabric from a sheet, tablecloth, pillowcase and making it into something better for reuse is Upcycling.

Recycling is: a practice that takes an item and targets it for reuse, returning it back to the cycle of daily contribution to society rather than discarding it.
Recycling is the process of making or manufacturing new products from a product that has originally served it's purpose.
It often means
taking consumer materials such as plastic, paper, metal and glass and breaking them down so their base materials can be remade into a new consumer product, often of lesser.

Upcycling is described by some as reusing a material without degrading the quality and composition of the material for its next use.
There are no breaking down of the materials, just possibly refashioning the original item.

Simply: Upcycle is reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

Upcycling is eco-friendly. It makes a positive impact on the environment as you are reusing the same item and saving it from the global garbage stream.
It’s converting waste materials or useless products no longer wanted or needed into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value

I love to upcycle and give a new life to something that had an intended previous use.
My ‘Retro Metro’ Aprons are made from Tea Towels and the added fabric to the ‘sides’ and straps are made from vintage / retro bed sheets!
Some of my tea towels are brand new but many are retro vintage - that is 20-40 years old! They are in excellent condition as they have never been used for their original purpose.

Also, my vintage retro flag buntings are made from bed sheets and sometimes includes lace doilies!
Made to last & eco friendly, they can be used for many joyous occasions ‘time & time’ again.

Creating handmade upcycled items means (to me) making items that are often One of A Kind (OOAK), unique - as much as the intended buyer/recipient!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Merry-Go-Round Handmade Guest Blogger on Madeit today!

Today I am guest blog picker at
I have selected eight handmade items for the blog.
It's called it 'Retro Revival'.

For those of you that don't know, Madeit is an Australian handmade website dedicated to Australian sellers with creative items that are available to purchase by buyers, worldwide.

I really admire the work of these fellow sellers on Madeit. So unique & special, just gorgeous!

View: Click Here

What Is Retro Style?

"Retro style is a culturally outdated style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern
past, that has become functionally or superficially the norm once again.
It generally implies a vintage of at least 20 years".