Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wecome Spring! I have missed you. What Spring means to me.... inc Spring Vintage Bunting for Weddings

Spring means to me....

Being able to go outside more often - I can weed & potter for hours at a time in sun.
The beginning of new life and knowing that summer is on it's way.

Rising temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and fauna.
Green grass growing, blossoms are blooming and soon the flowers will be on their way.

It will soon be day light savings which means longer days.

It's also a popular time for outside celebrations such as garden parties, tea parties, BBQ's.

I have a range of vintage bunting available for such occasions.
is an easy way to brighten up your home in Spring or anytime of the year.
Beautiful fresh bunting, perfect to brighten up any space!
It can be reused for many happy occasions. Yay to that!


and Spring means Weddings!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Breathing to a New Beat - A Colouring Book for Adults - made for Charity, The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Vic

 Breathing to a New Beat - A Colouring Book for Adults
Image Credit: Curlypops Shop 

Earlier this year, Camille from the Curlypops Shop made a callout for line artwork that could be used for a colouring book.
Cam is artist / illustrator, crafter, textile designer, blogger and a double lung transplant recipient.

 Breathing to a New Beat - A Colouring Book for Adults is available for purchase.
Image Credit: Curlypops Shop 

Time to time I have donated something I have made to a charity.
I was happy to donate a line drawing.

Camille came up with the idea of a colouring Book for Adults with 100% of the profits going to Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc

I donated an a4 page of Russian Doll Babushkas', yes, my own original artwork!
It's wonderful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.
The artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator.

 My artwork, colored in -  'Breathing to a New Beat' Colouring Book
Image Credits:  

Many other wonderful artists have contributed creative artwork in their own unique style, for the book.
The final result is amazing.
also.....Thanks to Cam for all of her hard work.

 Coloured in drawings in 'Breathing to a New Beat' Colouring Book
Image Credit: Curlypops Shop 

'Breathing to a New Beat' Colouring Book
Image Credit: Curlypops Shop 

Coloring books are a way for adults who don't normally draw or paint to be creative

"Some of Australia's biggest companies are buying colouring books for adults in bulk to help staff handle the stress of the modern workplace.
Amid claims that Australia is facing a mental health epidemic, Melbourne neuropsychologist Stan Rodski says the simple act of colouring can change brain behaviour and help workers achieve calm and balance".
source: theage.com.au

The latest news is that profit from sales has just hit $5,000! Yay!
"This money will go directly to the Second Chance Accommodation Project which subsidises the cost of post transplant accommodation for country Victorian and interstate heart and lung transplant recipients at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne"

You only have to head over to instagram to see a great range of coloured pages.
Both here: #breathingtoanewbeat  and here:  #btanbcolouralong

Breathing to a New Beat - A Colouring Book for Adults
Image Credit: Curlypops Shop 

If you would like to purchase this wonderful book, you can find it:
Monash Uni Bookshop at the Alfred Hospital
Cystic Fibrosis Victoria,
Ruby's Nest in Brunswick
Joys Craftworx in Portland

or contact Cam for more info.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Do you love upcycled handmade items? We will be one of the participants in the Sustainable showcases. May 27th

 We will have some bunting & apron entries in the Sustainable showcases facebook showcase.

"Sustainable showcases...where handmade pages come together to showcase their creations. We pride our selves with using upcycled, reclaimed, recycled, sustainable fabrics, fibres and materials."

✿ ❀ An online showcase ✿ 27th May ✿ 7pm AEST

Featuring many handmade crafters, just an example:

Lil' Popet
Fabric - Scissors - Hook
Upcycled Princess
Nancy Jeannie Handmade

Apple & Rose
Ziggy High Design
Vintage Glorybox
Tootsie Handmade
Aunty Nat's Knits

dream a little

Vanja's Design

Anahata Handmade
Pea Green Sea

 and MANY more!!!!!

 oh, and me! Merry-Go-Round handmade :)

I love to upcycle and give a new life to something that had an intended previous use.
For example, some of my tea towels are brand new but many are retro vintage - that is 20-40 years old! They are in excellent condition as they have never been used for their original purpose.

Metro Retro Aprons are all OOAK - that is, One Of A Kind.
Each one is never to be repeated, never to be exactly the same as another.
All of these aprons are handcrafted originals and unique!
The ideal handmade gift for someone special or for spoiling yourself.

Metro Retro Aprons....Fun & Funky Designs - Expect the unexpected!
Vintage, Retro Design with Modern & Practical Use.
Unique, One Of A Kind - just like you!  One Size Fits Most.
Most of my Metro Retro aprons have a 100% linen tea towel front panel and the side panels,
straps & binding are vintage cotton - usually 100% Cotton.

Vintage Retro Floral Upcycled Fabric Bunting

Cheer Up your favourite space, a study, craft room, etc - all year round!
'Colour your world' with this lovely bunting decoration of rainbow colours!

RETRO Vintage 'Multi-Colour Garden Party' Flag Bunting adds charm and style to any room!
Total length is Three metres (3m) / about 9.9 feet approx.
Twelve (12) flags in various new & retro preloved fabrics
This set of flags is a lovely combination of Multi-Colour Florals, retro new & preloved upcycled fabric - Just Divine!
This Flag Bunting is double sided/reversible - can be viewed from front or back.
There are no unfinished edges on these flags.

I am often asked....Do I make custom flag buntings?
Yes, I do make custom bunting in requested colours / lengths.
It depends on the fabrics you request & what I have in stock, etc
Contact me, to discuss more.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Sleepy Bum Australia bedding review

I have collaborated with Sleepy Bum Australia to introduce their fun range of manchester bedding.

So who is Sleepy Bum?
If you don’t know about Sleepy Bum, you should!
An Australian online company based in NSW.
Not a new company but a trusted brand that has been around for sometime now.

They have a wonderful range of products to suit all of us.
The best thing about the Sleepy Bum brand is the variety of designs for every member of the household.
Actually, Sleepy Bum bedding is a great way to spoil yourself or spoil mum this Mother’s Day.

I chose  the Rose De Provins cover set, I truly love it. It’s just so pretty!
This ‘vintage style’ shabby chic pattern is gorgeous, I also like the fact that it is 200 thread count – 100% cotton.

From a styling point of view, you could team it up with one of my buntings with a Sleepy Bum quilt cover. 

Union Jack, Stars & Stripes Flag Bunting


Sleepy Bum Australia - Anthea in Baby Pink Cover Set

New bedding is an inexpensive makeover – no need for expensive new furniture – new bedding will give you a whole new look without the big price. In fact, as I post this, Sleep Bum Australia are having a sale!!! Yay!

Sleepy Bum Australia - Roman in Red Cover Set

BOYS Star Navy Denim Blue, Red & White Flag Bunting


Please Note:
Bedding is available from Sleepy Bum Australia - website/online only.

Bunting is available from Merry-Go-Round Handmade -  Madeit and Etsy website/online stores

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm in the Designer Spotlight on the Madeit.com.au handmade website!

Yes, I was lucky to be chosen for the 'Designer Spotlight' on the Madeit.com.au handmade website!

"Designer Spotlight: Madeit interviews designers about their art & craft, advice for success and much more". 


I have been a Madeit seller since 2011. I love Madeit.
Why? It's an Australian website selling handmade items to buyer all around the world.
Madeit has been supportive since the time I got started, featuring my handmade items on the front page over the years.

As stated by 'Madeit': "Madeit.com.au is Australia's premier online buying and selling destination for handmade & independently created items.
We showcase Australia's most creative art, design & crafting talent. Lovers of amazing handmade and independently created products can purchase items on madeit direct from the sellers with products ranging from fashion, art, homewares, accessories, stationery, toys, children and babies clothing and much much more

"We are different to other online retailers as we only promote quality local independaet Australian talent.
Buyers can shop on madeit knowing they are supporting independent designers & crafters as well as the whole Australian made industry at large".


I'm thrilled to be chosen. If you view the interview,  you can read about me, my items & I have a few tips for selling handmade items too.