Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Holly Hobbie Hot Water Bottle Cover for the Hottie Challenge

I finally decided to take the plunge & take part in a Hottie Challenge for the Margaret Pratt Foundation.

The aim is to make a Hot Water Bottle Cover, it did not need to be a functional cover, the only rule was: The cardboard template must be used.

I loved the idea that any art medium or textile technique could be used.
I felt like I was a teen again. Well... just meaning I was using some of the  sewing techniques I used to use way back then.

My Hot Water Bottle Cover entry for the 'The 2013 Hottie Challenge'.
It's called 'My Hottie - Warm As Pie'.

My inspiration is from my Holly Hobbie Buntings I made early this year (in store now).



I wanted to create a Hottie that used different sewing techniques & fabrics.
Basically this 'Hottie' includes some of my favorite things.

 I first  did some patchwork squares with vintage floral fabrics and then sewn it on to quilting battening.
I used a small panel of Hollie Hobbie Fabric machine sewn on to the patchwork.

I knew I wanted to hand embroider
some text so i did so by using embroidery threads.
Oh... and I cheated a little. I printed out the text on to paper & embroidered over the text. Actually it worked out alright.

I have hand sewn small doilies & used tiny beads - three in the middle of each tiny doily.

The back was done by using an unwanted jumper/sweater of mine!
I felted the jumper, actually the first time I did this!
Luckily it worked!

I used some green bias binding for the very top of the hottie to finish it off.

Now I'm looking forward to next year's hottie cover, no idea what I'll do but I know it will be fun & money raised from the sale will go to a very worthy charity.

A big thank you to Cam at The Curly Pops Shop.
A group entry of about 100 entries is an amazing effort, well done!
For more info:

Below, my Hottie in the making.....

My unwanted jumper & florals for patchwork

Below, my Hottie in the making.....

Just the 'almost' finished of the 'cover' only

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Rainbow Bright Floral Bunting

Well.... It's about time I photographed and listing my Rainbow Floral Bunting!
In early May this year I made an Ombre Yellow bunting with yellow/orange vintage florals.
I liked the graduation effect of the Ombre, so I decided to make up a batch of Rainbow 'graduated colours' bunting shortly after.

I had been making rainbow coloured bunting for almost two years but the Ombre Yellow Bunting inspired me to make a floral bunting 'more true' to a rainbow.
I guess the only difference to actual rainbows, I have decided to start my bunting with Pink, then Red, etc.

After some Melbourne sun this morning, it was time to photograph & list them - so here it is!
It's rather cheerful, its not just for kids!

BELOW: Here is the Ombre Yellow bunting made in early May.

You can read about it here:

And examples of my Rainbow Bunting I have been making for the last year or two.

You can find my buntings here:


Friday, June 14, 2013

Babushka Russian Doll Bunting included in a blog today!

Jade from the USA has included my Babushka Doll Bunting on her blog today - 'Coffee & Cashmere'.
Loving the Babushka, Russian Doll finds!


Thanks Jade!

I love Babushka Russian Dolls.
I guess it started when I was given a genuine Russian Wooden Nesting Doll as a gift from a work colleague about 7-8 years ago. His wife was from Russia, (it was brought back after a visit to Russia).

Since starting to make handmade items, I have made Russian Doll bunting, 'Taggy Snuggly's' (Taggies) & Aprons.
I also have many different babushka fabrics I have collected but not used yet such as the Out of Print by '
Shamash and Sons' Russian Doll fabric.

I guess I'm waiting for the 'right' project.

You could say I'm slightly obsessed!

Since having two girls, they love Russian Dolls too, so they are a favourite in our house.

You can find my Babushka Russian Doll Bunting here:


One of my favorite Babushka Fabrics 'by Shamash and Sons' I have not used yet.
Out of Print & Extremly Hard to Find (oh... and NOT for sale)