Thursday, October 4, 2012

Merry-Go-Round Handmade Vintage Bunting in Tickle The Imagination Upcycle Issue, Oct 2012


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My Vintage Green/Orange Bunting has made it into the new online edition of 'tickle the imagination'

*** This edition is all about upcycling, so I'm EXCITED!!!

issue 08 out now!! : Visit to read it online today.

I LOVE this online mag, they will have their first printed issue out in November!!

What a surprise to see my bunting in this online issue, I had no idea it was going to be included but I was certainly very pleased. Just loving all that green!
So many wonderful handmade creations in this issue, its certainly worth a look!

You can find my Flag Bunting here:

Vintage Green/Orange Bunting
Total length is three meters (3m) / about 9 feet approx.
Eleven (11) flags in various vintage preloved fabrics
This set of flags is a lovely combination of Floral
fabric & Vintage Lace etc - Just Divine!
This Flag Bunting is double sided/reversible - can be viewed from front or back.
There are no unfinished edges on these flags.


Generally speaking.... My Vintage Fabric Flag Bunting are
Mostly Made from Upcycled, Reclaimed Fabric – I prefer mostly florals.
Made from eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind reclaimed fabrics, each bunting is usually a One of a Kind (OOAK). These buntings are also perfect to use for a party decoration or as a permanent wall hanging.


 Here are a few more images from the online October issue: Tickle The Imagination 'Repurposed/Upcycle' Issue.

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