Friday, November 2, 2012

Vintage Floral Flag Bunting - Ideal for a Wedding . Garden Tea Party . Birthday etc

Who can resist pretty & sweet Vintage Floral Flag Bunting?!!!

I have various styles available for purchase online.
Contact me for any Custom Requests!

Most of my floral Flag Bunting has been made from vintage new & preloved fabric that has been upcycled to create something gorgeous & often One Of A Kind - OOAK.

Vintage Floral Flag Bunting: It's pretty and practical, also eco-friendly and re-useable.

There is no need to spend a fortune on real flowers when you have such lovely bunting.
It's a lovely keepsake to remember your special day, made to love & treasure.
It can be used as a prop for your wedding photos!
It's re-usable - great for many other lovely events & parties, maybe sweet in a babies room  ;)

Also great for.... deal for a Party,  Birthday Present, hosting a Baby Shower, Photography Prop, Market Stall, Garden Tea Party / BBQ or just Decorating a room.

The first image is from a happy buyer (from the USA) that bought my Vintage Bunting in 2011.
They were so pleased they sent me this lovely photo, they look gorgeous! And the bunting is rather sweet too!  


Vintage Retro Pink / Peach & Lace, Floral Flag Bunting. Shabby Chic, Party Decoration Wall hanging, Parties, Party, Wedding etc


Vintage Pink/Peach & Lace Floral BUNTING Garden Tea Party Wedding Shabby Chic Decoration

Vintage Retro 'Eco - Green Floral' Flag Bunting. Wall hanging, Party Decoration Banner, Pennant, etc

Vintage Retro Yellow Autumn / Fall Winter Lemon Mustard Lace Floral Flag Bunting. Shabby Chic Decoration.



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