Friday, October 18, 2013

This week I am guest Banner picker for the Madeit Facebook page!

Quite some time ago I put my name down to be guest Banner picker for the MadeIt Facebook page.
Also used on MadeIt's seller page: Madeit Sellers Sales, Offers & Shop News

It's great to see that every week a MadeIt seller gets chosen to pick items, usually based on a theme.
It keeps the facebook page fresh with new items & gives buyers an opportunity to visit the stores of the featured Sellers of the items shown.

I decided to choose 'Holly Hobbie Inspired' finds.
well, why not, I thought.
I love the Holly Hobbie character, so sweet.....  & I can not resist vintage florals!

Holly Hobby is a childhood favorite of mine and I have a few handmade items that are 'Holly Hobbie Inspired' in my online stores MadeIt & Etsy.

 The finds I found were made by these great handmade sellers on MadeIt:

Top Left to Right

Bottom Left to Right

Curently I have these Holly Hobbie Inspired handmade items (below) in my MadeIt store:

Holly Hobbie Girls Vintage Retro Fabric Kitchen Apron.

Holly Hobbie Vintage & Floral Pink Flag Bunting

Holly Hobbie Vintage & Floral Flag Bunting

Metro Retro Vintage Holly Hobbie / Sarah Kay GIRL style Apron

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