Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm in the Designer Spotlight on the handmade website!

Yes, I was lucky to be chosen for the 'Designer Spotlight' on the handmade website!

"Designer Spotlight: Madeit interviews designers about their art & craft, advice for success and much more". 


I have been a Madeit seller since 2011. I love Madeit.
Why? It's an Australian website selling handmade items to buyer all around the world.
Madeit has been supportive since the time I got started, featuring my handmade items on the front page over the years.

As stated by 'Madeit': " is Australia's premier online buying and selling destination for handmade & independently created items.
We showcase Australia's most creative art, design & crafting talent. Lovers of amazing handmade and independently created products can purchase items on madeit direct from the sellers with products ranging from fashion, art, homewares, accessories, stationery, toys, children and babies clothing and much much more

"We are different to other online retailers as we only promote quality local independaet Australian talent.
Buyers can shop on madeit knowing they are supporting independent designers & crafters as well as the whole Australian made industry at large".


I'm thrilled to be chosen. If you view the interview,  you can read about me, my items & I have a few tips for selling handmade items too.

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