Monday, August 22, 2011

Metro Retro Tea Towel Aprons recently listed on Etsy

I recently listed some more Metro Retro Aprons on Etsy.
Well.... it's the first time I have listed my aprons on Etsy.
As usual a varied mix of styles & colours, I'm quite pleased with them!

As always many of the tea towels are sourced from overseas, usually the USA or the UK and often bought individually.
I prefer to use quilters quality cotton fabric for the side panels & straps and love to use vintage cotton fabric where I can, it adds to the individuality of the apron and makes this one of a kind (OOAK) apron rather special.
I enjoy making these, they are very time consuming to make but I love the challenge of combining of tea towel styles, with interesting patterns & colours of my cotton fabrics. 

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