Thursday, October 27, 2011

Metro Retro Tea Towel Aprons :: You MAY see at my next market. * Vintage Retro Rabbit Bunny on a bike

Well... at least I thinks its a bunny rabbit! All I know it's cute :)

Every few days I'm going to feature an Apron I have made from my 'market collection'.
This is the collection I take to the markets, none of this collection is on my online stores at the moment.
♥ This album will have my range of Metro Retro Aprons for purchase.
You can view more of this collection on my facebook page.

Metro Retro Tea Towel Apron
'NoWhere to Fall But Off' Vintage Retro Tea Towel 
100% Cotton Tea Towel,
Vintage Cotton panels & Vintage Cotton straps etc.
* Vintage, Retro Design with Modern & Practical Use.
* Unique, One Of A Kind - just like you!
* One Size Fits Most.

Price: $39.95
Pick up directly from me OR at my next market is fine.
(not including postage - if you require it sent to you).

If you see something you like, you are welcome to contact me for purchase - either at my next market OR you can buy directly from me & it can be posted to you!
* Metro Retro Aprons are all OOAK - that is, One Of A Kind.
* If you like something you see, purchase it NOW - All of these aprons are handcrafted originals and unique!
* The ideal handmade gift for someone special or for spoiling yourself.

You can find other Metro Retro Aprons here:

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