Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Vintage Pink / Purple/ Lilac & Lace, Floral Flag Bunting made the front page of the Made It website

On the front page today (Thursday 20th Oct) of the Australian handmade website 'Made It' is my Vintage Pink / Purple/ Lilac & Lace, Floral Flag Bunting.  
Yes, it's one of many buntings on the front page but we are pleased to be choosen!
Many great bunting picks today - they look so cheerful!

More about this item:
This set of flags is a lovely combination of Floral, pink / lilac, retro upcycled fabric & Vintage Lace etc - Just Divine!
This Flag Bunting is double sided/reversible - can be viewed from front or back, lace is only on one side. There are no unfinished edges on these flags.
We offer a lovely mix of colours and fabrics to create a special overall look.
Most of my Flag Buntings are One of A Kind (OOAK).
Most fabrics that are used are 100% cottons.

You can view more of my Fabric Flag Bunting on my Facebook page 

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