Friday, February 24, 2012

Merry-Go-Round HANDMADE featured in Top Picks section of MELBOURNEmade magazine!

I'm delighted to say Merry-Go-Round Handmade has finally made it to a printed publication!
Yes, we have made 'Top Picks for Kids' section of MELBOURNEmade magazine.

Our Taggy Snuggly (Tag Toy Mini Blankie Comforter Taggie) has been featured!
They are the perfect tag toy comforter your bub will love.
They are made with lots of assorted ribbon tags of different colors, fun textures, and various sizes for little fingers to play with - this sensory experience helps with a babies fine motor coordination.

I'm so excited as you can imagine.
It's wonderful to be chosen and I'm proud to be in a great magazine that showcases talented Melbourne artists & creators of quality handmade items.
You don't have to be from Melbourne to appreciate this magazine, you just need to enjoy all that is creative.
I don't want to miss an issue so I have made a subscription.

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MELBOURNEmade  magazine   Issue 1, 'Autumn' is due for release today - 24th February

As quoted by MELBOURNEmade :

"We are a creative bunch. We like to read, tell stories, sew, paint, draw, photograph, learn and explore. And we like to do it together. That’s why MELBOURNEmade was born. It’s about all the things we love to do, the people who do them best, inspiration for us to do them better and how to read, find and contribute creatively.
It’s for those of us who want to learn more about what makes Melbourne tick. You will find out what inspires the people about town, who the people behind the products are, learn more about the quirks of this fabulous city and find out what you can do and where you can go to soak it all up. You won’t find gossip or scandal (but trust me, it will still be fun!). You will find a community of people as passionate about being creative and being in Melbourne as you."

(Above) Images Credit: MELBOURNEmade

All Taggy Snuggly’s are one of a kind (some are similar) but no two are the same.
A fun pattern - Beautiful Quilters Quality 100% Cotton on one side and Super Soft Minky fabric on the other.
Many other fabric choices to choose from!
You can purchase here:

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