Friday, February 17, 2012

My vintage Flag Bunting made the front page of Made It website Yesterday! 'Blue & Green Gift Ideas'.

OMG, I just went to the Made It website yesterday morning and saw all the Blue & lovely Green handmade creations, I thought, 'Beautiful', Love those colours together!
But, I did not see my bunting, silly me.
I was too busy looking at the other lovely handmade creations & simply admiring the 'sea' of blue & green on front page.
It was only when I saw the Made It FB page that I saw my bunting, a wonderful surprise.
Thank You 'Made It'!

THIS ITEM:  This RETRO Vintage 'Blue Green' Flag Bunting adds charm and style to any room!
Total length is three meters (3m) / about 9 feet approx.
Eleven (11) flags in various vintage preloved fabrics
This set of flags is a lovely combination of Floral fabric & Vintage Lace etc - Just Divine!

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