Monday, February 11, 2013

A Custom Vintage Floral Bunting to match a handmade quilt

Back in November I was asked if I could make two custom vintage floral buntings.
I was sent some pics for me to look at & so I could co-ordinate the colours.
The main colour scheme was to be pink yellow/orange & white to match a lovely handmade quilt that was purchased from another seller on Etsy.

My buyer Kate was going to give her daughter the quilt, the teepee & finally the bunting as a Christsmas gift!

The process to finding the right fabrics was a straight forward one.
I went through my stash of fabrics to find ones that I thought were suitable & I took some photos with the fabrics, all ‘numbered’.

Kate was the BEST client anyone could have! She choose a few that were not quite right & I could choose from the rest of the selection for the two buntings!
Easy! Yay! Happy Days!
A Custom/ reserved listing was set up, bunting was then made, paid for, then sent out.
The ends result was just lovely, the colours were stunning - just love this colour combination, I was so excited to get it out to the buyer that I forgot to take some photos before it went out!

When the bunting arrived, the buyer sent a message and said The fabrics are perfect, even better than the photos ... They will look truly beautiful with the quilt!”
and the feedback given (on Etsy):
“Fantastic!!! My bunting is just beautiful - even better than the pictures - and SO well made! Nicole was great to work with - and the result is brilliant! Highly recommended - a great Etsy experience! Thanks Nicole. :)”

And just as importantly, Kate’s daughter was very pleased with her vintage floral bunting and also thrilled with her matching quilt & teepee!

Yes, another happy buyer!

I just want to thank Kate for kindly taking all of these photos & allowing me to use them, it’s much appreciated, thank you.

oh, just a quick note:
If you have bought bunting or another item from me & you would like your photo/s to be shown on my Facebook & Blog,
I’d be happy to!

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