Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mery-go-round Handmade just loves Bunting! So many uses, Birthdays, Weddings, Anything really!

I'm still in bunting phase, basically I have picked up where I was before Christmas - yes, making bunting.
I'm slightly obsessed, I'm always thinking about my next bunting creation!

Actually I have a new bunting that I will probably release in February, lets just say its using a well know 'character from the 1970's', this bunting is made from hard to find, preloved, vintage fabrics.
It's already become a bit of a favourite. Sorry, no sneak peaks at the moment.

I'm still having fun making all sorts of bunting, Blue bunting for boys, Owl bunting for girls and plenty of Vintage fabric bunting, in all sorts of colourways.

Hmmm....  I need to get off this 'bunting merry - go-round' as I really need to make some 'Taggy Snuggly's' and some aprons! I also really need more hours in the day!

If you have bought one of my buntings and you would like to show me & my followers (here & facebook), please contact me, I'd love to see them.

Here are a few more buntings I have made lately.

Vintage Retro 'Eco - Green Floral' Flag Bunting

Vintage Retro Pink / Orange , Floral Flag Bunting.

Boys Classic 'Club House' Flag Bunting



Hoot Owls Flag Bunting for Girls.

Vintage Retro Pretty Multi-Colour Floral Flag Bunting.

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