Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Rainbow Bright Floral Bunting

Well.... It's about time I photographed and listing my Rainbow Floral Bunting!
In early May this year I made an Ombre Yellow bunting with yellow/orange vintage florals.
I liked the graduation effect of the Ombre, so I decided to make up a batch of Rainbow 'graduated colours' bunting shortly after.

I had been making rainbow coloured bunting for almost two years but the Ombre Yellow Bunting inspired me to make a floral bunting 'more true' to a rainbow.
I guess the only difference to actual rainbows, I have decided to start my bunting with Pink, then Red, etc.

After some Melbourne sun this morning, it was time to photograph & list them - so here it is!
It's rather cheerful, its not just for kids!

BELOW: Here is the Ombre Yellow bunting made in early May.

You can read about it here:

And examples of my Rainbow Bunting I have been making for the last year or two.

You can find my buntings here:

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