Friday, June 14, 2013

Babushka Russian Doll Bunting included in a blog today!

Jade from the USA has included my Babushka Doll Bunting on her blog today - 'Coffee & Cashmere'.
Loving the Babushka, Russian Doll finds!

Thanks Jade!

I love Babushka Russian Dolls.
I guess it started when I was given a genuine Russian Wooden Nesting Doll as a gift from a work colleague about 7-8 years ago. His wife was from Russia, (it was brought back after a visit to Russia).

Since starting to make handmade items, I have made Russian Doll bunting, 'Taggy Snuggly's' (Taggies) & Aprons.
I also have many different babushka fabrics I have collected but not used yet such as the Out of Print by '
Shamash and Sons' Russian Doll fabric.

I guess I'm waiting for the 'right' project.

You could say I'm slightly obsessed!

Since having two girls, they love Russian Dolls too, so they are a favourite in our house.

You can find my Babushka Russian Doll Bunting here:

One of my favorite Babushka Fabrics 'by Shamash and Sons' I have not used yet.
Out of Print & Extremly Hard to Find (oh... and NOT for sale)

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