Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Custom Vintage and matching Cake Bunting Topper

I was asked if I do custom buntings - I certainly do!

A four metre vintage flag bunting in Purple toned hues was required for a special occasion.

The process was rather simple, I just asked the client, what fabric she preferred (and the ones she did not!).
An image of the selected fabrics was shown for approval, the end result, a lovely custom bunting for the client's special occassion and a bunting that can be used & cherished for future celebrations.

I was asked if I do Cake Buntings, well actually I don't normally offer these 'Toppers' as an item in my stores but I thought, why not!
A Cake Bunting Topper was created using similar vintage fabrics to the 4m custom bunting.
The client wanted Red/White twine to colour co-ordinate with other decorations that were being used.
Considering I'd never done one before, I'm rather pleased with the results!

As a special extra - a small thankyou to the Buyer, I gave some cupcake flag 'toothpick' toppers in the same fabrics. I think they will look super cute!

Looking for bunting that is similar, You can find Vintage Bunting in my stores, just like this one below.

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