Friday, March 28, 2014

Merry-Go-Round Handmade ETSY Vintage Rainbow Floral Bunting featured online.

I got a lovely surprise this morning.
Well, it had been a terrible 24 hours for me so this was just what I needed.

My Vintage Handmade Rainbow Floral Bunting featured online, in the Apartment Therapy website in the USA.

I had a buyer purchase this bunting late last year and an email this morning to let me know about this bedroom feature. Amanda had submitted photos to Apartment Therapy and they were posted.
I'm not surprised, the room is certainly lovely.
I love the mix of new & vintage also the rainbow colour palette is gorgeous!

As stated by Amanda:
"I wanted our daughter's room to be artistic and modern with hints of vintage. Bright colors were important for me to include since kids toys tend to be colorful. I didn't want toys to look out of place in her room. I was intent on not making it overly girly, color coordinated or fussy. I like light walls....they make a perfect canvas for everything else pop. "

"A Happy Modern With A Touch of Vintage Girl's Nursery"

My Rainbow Bunting can be purchased via my ETSY or MadeIt store.

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