Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Metro Retro Handmade Tea Towel aprons available in my Etsy & MadeIt stores

A lot of people know I go 'weak at the knees' for a vintage - retro tea towel!
And the good ones are getting harder & harder to find.......

I'm not into those tourist style tea towels, I love an Australian wildflowers or a bold graphic tea towel.
I've listed a few more aprons this week to my MadeIt & Etsy store and I expect to be adding some more aprons in the next few weeks.
I've had these made up for a little while now but Mother's Day has given me a little more motivation to get them listed!

I enjoy combining the tea towels & vintage fabrics to find the right combination that a buyer will love! It's a creative way to play 'Snap', not with cards but with fabrics!

Metro Retro Vintage Australian Bird Blue Wrens Apron

Metro Retro Vintage Hanging Basket Flowers Apron

Metro Retro Masterchef Kitchen Green Vintage Tea Towel Apron.

Metro Retro Vintage Orange Kitchen Utensils Apron

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