Monday, February 1, 2016

Vintage style bunting - A new design for the 2016 year........

It was about time I worked on a new design.
I knew it should be pink, floral, pretty and romantic, perfect for a birthday garden tea party!
I have added a touch of lace - not too much.
Made from upcycled fabrics, vintage pink lace and using 100% cotton bias for ties, a winning combination I think!
This 'Country Check & Lace Floral' Flag Bunting adds charm and style to any room!
Total length is three meters (3m) / about 9.9 feet approx.
This Flag Bunting is double sided/reversible - can be viewed from front or back, lace is only on one side.
There are no unfinished edges on these flags.

You can find this bunting and many more designs in my Madeit & Etsy online stores.
You can also find me on Instagram.

Country Check & Lace Floral Flag Bunting. Can be found in my Madeit & Etsy online stores.

Below, a little inspiration for you!

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