Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busily making Flag Bunting!

I have been busily making flag bunting!
I have completed quite a few and still busily working on more.
I've enjoyed working on these but they are a little more time consuming than I thought.
It's been fun trying to co-ordinate complimentary colours & mixing patterns that hopefully work! 

I'm do love vintage & funky retro fabrics.
These Flag Bunting are mostly Made from Upcycled, Reclaimed Fabric – I prefer mostly prefer florals.They are made from eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind reclaimed fabrics, each banner is a One of a Kind (OOAK). These banners are also perfect to use for a party decoration or as a permanent wall hanging. I have also been making bunting with new fabrics too. I'm trying to put a little heart & soul into an individual piece.
I have quite a large collection of vintage fabric, that is overflowing at the moment - my husband is not too impressed! I scared that if I buy another plastic container (or two!) I just might fill it!
Going to the local op shop can be fun, you never know what you might find. Just the the song goes ' Some days are diamond, some days are stone' - there times I find a lovely little treasure (maybe some interesting buttons or lovely fabric) and other times when i might find nothing of interest. 
Most fabrics I use are 100% cottons (but some are a polyester/cotton blend). I made my own template from a cereal packet! It took me about three attempts before I found the right size & shape.
I also like to add a little charm by machine sewing doilies on to some flag panels.
For those of you feeling crafty, you can always use other materials & fabrics for making your own Flag Bunting.
Ideas would be: thrifted tea towels, tablecloths, pillowcases, clothing such as cotton shirts. The only limit is your imagination! 

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