Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's about time I started this blog!

Yes it is about time I started this blog. No more procrastinating.
I never thought I would do a blog but I was always someone that said I'd never have a FaceBook page too. I guess I'm starting to see the importance of having one - it will be good to keep buyers & friends up to date with what I am doing and new items I'll be adding to the Merry-Go-Round shops on 'Made It' & 'Etsy'.
I actually opened this blog earlier in the year but under a different name, I just could not decide if it was the name I wanted to keep. Well, finally I made a slight name change & decided to work on this blog.
For me this blog will be an 'online diary' of thoughts, things I doing and enjoying at the moment.
Feel free to visit, click through to the Made It & Etsy shops, Facebook page.
Also 'on the main/home page of this blog' - visit some of my favourite craft blogs.

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  1. Hey we have a few 'sayings' in common ... enjoy your journey ... I sent you an etsy reply message too ... Cheers