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I should introduce the items I have in my Made It & Etsy shop.
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merry-go-round is my handmade online store.
It's about a 'rotating platform' (so to speak) of quality handmade items that are displayed for sale.
Many of the items are New, Retro or Vintage.
I try to upcycle/recycle/repurpose where I can to create an unique item - usually one of a kind.

All Items handmade in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.

I offer a great handmade product with a good personal, speedy service.
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Merry-Go-Round 'Made It' website

Metro Retro Aprons are all OOAK - that is, One Of A Kind.
Each one is never to be repeated, never to be exactly the same as another.

All of these aprons are handcrafted originals and unique!
The ideal gift for someone special or for spoiling yourself.

Handmade Knitted Wool Beanie Hats
We have Retro styled handmade knitted Beanies, most of them are made from Australian 100% wool.
The girls sweet beanie hats have a flower sewn to the hat, the flower are embellished with sewn on buttons.
These beanies are just divine & will keep your little sweetheart’s head warm all winter long!
We also have boys wool beanies.
OOAK: All of our beanies are One Of A Kind.
Never to be repeated and all of them special in their own way.
The beanie style, colour of wool, choice of flower & button embellishment gives each hat it’s unique style. They also make a great gift idea.
These beanies are truly a family affair.
The wool is bought in very limited quantities and hand knitted by my mother.
The flowers are mostly done by my mother & grandmother. I have done the hand sewing on the flower & buttons!
Have you seen something you like but not in the right size?
We may be able to help. Just let us know, we may be able to make something similar in the correct size that you will love!

'Taggy Snuggly' Comforter Toy Tag Mini Taggie Blanket
These Taggy Snuggly’s are soft, cuddly, and fun and are a great size for taking along wherever you go.  Perfect for the pram, car, high chair or cot.
You have probably noticed that some babies love the tags on items (bibs, blankets, clothing, soft toys etc) more than the actual item itself.
They are made with lots of assorted ribbon tags of different colors, fun textures, and various sizes for little fingers to play with - this sensory experience helps with a babies fine motor coordination.
All Taggy Snuggly’s are one of a kind (some are similar) but no two are the same. A fun pattern on one side and super soft minky fabric on the other. Made from ALL NEW materials.

Vintage Fabric Flag Bunting.

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