Thursday, September 15, 2011

Handmade SMURFS Fabric Bunting / Banner now listed

I just recently listed SMURFS Fabric Bunting!

These sets of flags listed are a lovely combination of Preloved Smurf retro upcycled fabric, Red/White polka dot, Plain Blue Fabric, etc.
When I saw this Smurf fabric I just knew it was going to make wonderful flag bunting.
Whilst I have created a number of sets of these, they are all OOAK, that is One Of A Kind as no two buntings are the same and I only made a limited number of sets due to having only one piece of fabric. I hope you like them!
Total length is Two and a half metres (2.5m) / about 8.4 feet approx.
Eleven (11) flags in various new & retro preloved fabrics  

These SMURF buntings are available online, in my store on 'Made It' & Etsy

You can view more of my Fabric Flag Bunting on my Facebook page

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