Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Merry-Go-Round Handmade Fabric Bunting & Taggy Snuggly Taggies listed

I've recently listed a more Handmade Fabric Bunting in the online websites 'Made It' & 'Etsy'.
Mostly vintage floral fabric Bunting.
*** RETRO Vintage Flag Bunting. ***
Bunting flags are traditionally hung up in a babies room but also used for kids rooms and are a great party decoration.
Ideal for a Party, Birthday Present, hosting a Baby Shower, Photography Prop, Market Stall or just Decorating a room.
All of our bunting is quality made to a high standard and fabric is choosen carefully for the right combination that you will love.
We offer a lovely mix of colours and fabrics to create a special overall look.
Most of my Flag Buntings are One of A Kind (OOAK).
Most fabrics that are used are 100% cottons.

You can view more of my Fabric Flag Bunting on my Facebook page 

I have also listed some more 'Taggy Snuggly' Tag Toy Mini Blankie Comforter Taggies.
These are also available online/instore - 'Made It' & 'Etsy.
I have also started to upload some of images of my 'Taggy Snuggly' Taggies on Flickr.
These Taggy Snuggly’s are soft, cuddly, and fun and are a great size for taking along wherever you go.
You have probably noticed that some babies love the tags on items (bibs, blankies, clothing, soft toys etc) more than the actual item itself.
Here is the perfect tag toy comforter your bub will love.
They are made with lots of assorted ribbon tags of different colors, fun textures, and various sizes for little fingers to play with - this sensory experience helps with a babies fine motor coordination.

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